The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston...13th oldest CWRT (est.1957) Come Visit Us In Massachusetts.......We are open to anyone with an interest in History regardless of age, sex, color, or persuasion of Civil War sympathies!!!

We will NOW meet on the Fourth Friday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in The Waltham Community Room in The Waltham Government Building on 119 School St./corner Lexington St. Waltham with parking and entrance in the rear. We meet from September through June except for November & December when we meet in December at the Lynn GAR Hall for a XMAS meeting on the second Friday and June when we meet on some Saturday afternoon for a final Picnic/Business meeting at 2:30 Lexington at Tower Park.

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THE CIVIL WAR SESQUICENTENNIAL is HERE!!! The next four years will be filled with events designed to help us commemorative and remember this struggle that divided our country. See Sesquicentennial Information and links to find out more.



May 19, 2006 Arlington National Cemetery



Visit this Virtual Vietnam Wall
Click on the site, then click on the state, then the city, and then click on the name for a Bio and/or photo. This is an incredible and valuable resource that was sent to me!!



We will be going on another GREAT Battlefield Tour going to the Shenandoah Valley on May18,19,20,21,22 with tour guide Scott Patchan

See our Four Days In May and Special Events links for details....and get your deposits in EARLY.!!!!


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Civil War
It was the greatest war in American history.
Over 3 million Americans fought each other- 630,000 became casualties.
It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans, and for that reason we have always been fascinated with The Civil War.
Hundreds of books, movies and documentaries have (and are) being created about this tragic event in our History. With the internet, we now have yet another tool to (carefully) study every single event in this great period of American history.

Welcome to Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston....the 13th oldest Civil Round Table on this Planet, in existence since 1957
A leader in the Education and Preservation of the American Civil War. The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston has been working with The Reenacting Community, The Historical Societies of this Commonwealth, and with all Veterans and Military Organizations, in order to promote and preserve our American History. The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston, for years, has been going out into the Schools of this Commonwealth, bringing our History to its children, and bringing them into our organization. VISIT our EDUCATION Link!!!


The CWRTs of Mass. fully support these non-profit organizations for the work that they do and the support to our History......

Sara Bearss Virginia Conservation Fund, c/o Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad St., Richmond, VA. 23219

Jack Williams' Wednesday's Child or the Jack Williams Endowment For Wednesdays Child at

The CWRTs of Mass. also support donations made for the Victims of The Boston Marathon terrorist attack....


Lincoln reenactor James Getty spoke in Boston's Lorimar Hall on September 22nd to recreate a speech given there by then Congressmen Abraham Lincoln in 1848.
See here for more details.

James Getty along with Dave and Al Smith

The CWRT of GB supports our modern day Veterans with organizations like this:

Steve Folven as "I am Babe Ruth - Red Sox or New York Yankee"
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